Ryan S. Cho (조상연)

My goal is to create art work that symbolizes unification. 

A style that displays the juxtaposition and yet harmonization of the inherent cultural identity of the East alongside the life experiences from the West. Through the merging of 3D space and 2D planes, in order to create an unobstructed, yet balanced, dialogue between tradition and modernity. 

All these pieces are representative of the array of media that I work with such as ceramics, sculpture, paintings and photography. 

The tools and structure in which I work are integral, for turning what I perceive in my imagination into reality. 


My greatest desire is to express the story of life through artwork that is not limited by traditional formats and techniques, but rather freely uses all forms of media as a metaphor for the limitless potential of my space and creative voice.


东方生来的基因和西方学到的经验,三维和平面的结合, 传统与现代之间无阻碍的对话.

所有这些尝试都是基于运用我表现一切可能的类型陶艺, 雕塑, 绘画和相片等.



我希望我的工作所在的领域不是材料和技术区别有限的地方,而是通过各种材料的融合来生活的隐喻故事, 或成为一个与哭泣信息沟通的无限空间.

나의 작업은 융합을 도모한다.

동양의 주어진 DNA와 서양의 습득된 경험, 입체와 평면의 조합, 전통과 현대가 함께 노니는 막힘없는 대화.

이 모든 시도는 도예와 조각과 회화와 사진 등, 나의 발현 가능한 모든 장르를 운용함에 기초한다.

나의 상상이 요구하는 실체의 발현은 내가 선택한 틀과 도구 안에서 서로 합체하고 때론 보완한다.

나의 작품이 머무르는 영역은 재료와 기법에 의한 구분이 한계하는 곳이 아닌, 다양한 소재의 융합을 통해 전해지는 삶의 은유적 이야기로, 또는 일갈하는 외침의 메세지로 소통하는 무한의 공간이고 싶다.

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